In Canada, White Shepherds may participate in WSCC conformation shows...

Alvinston Classic 2015

White Shepherd Club of Canada
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White Shepherds excel in performance events when given the chance to do so.

In Canada, White Shepherds are actively competing in dog sports such as obedience (CKC), tracking (CKC), flyball (NAFA) and agility (AAC & CKC).

Many have earned Herding Instinct titles, proving that the herding ability has been retained in this versatile breed.

If you think you might be interested in participating in one of our upcoming shows, or any other activities with your white shepherd,

check out the links below to find out more information.

Conformations Show - WSCC Annual White Shepherd Specialty 2016 Agility Association of Canada - governing body for AAC agility trials in Canada (for all dogs - mixed breed and/or purebred) North American Flyball Association - governing body for Flyball competition in North America (for all dogs - mixed breed and/or purebred) United Kennel Club - governing body for UKC shows & trials in the USA and Canada

BOB - Ch. Furrari Von Baron - O/B: Marion Lopizzo
Best Peewee Handler - Annabelle Dale