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I   CERTIFY   that   I   am   the   registered   owner(s)   of   the   dog   or   that   I   am   the   authorized   agent   of   the   owner(s)   whose   name(s)   I   have entered   above   and   accept   full   responsibility   for   all   statements   made   in   this   entry.   In   consideration   of   the   acceptance   of   this entry,   I   (we)   agree   to   be   bound   by   the   rules   and   regulations   of   the   WSCC   and   by   additional   rules   and   regulations   appearing   in the premium list.
Show Secretary: Lynda Proulx E-mail: 3511 River St. P.O. Box2 56 Alvinston, ON N0N 1A0. Tel: 519-847-5206
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