Article I. NAME OF CLUB This association shall be known as The White Shepherd Club of Canada, and shall be a private, non-profit organization. Article II. PURPOSE The purpose of The White Shepherd Club of Canada Is: to promote fairness to a dog well bred, set aside color prejudice; look once again to conformation, obedience and temperament, gain proper recognition comparable to its color bred brothers, and to educate its members and other interested persons about the breed. Article III. MEMBERSHIP All persons interested in promoting the purpose of this organization shall be eligible for membership. Membership will commence on the date of receipt of the completed application form and accompanying fees, and will consist of two classes: A. Member: will pay an annual fee that deems necessary, due one year from Joining, will be eligible to vote, and will take active part in the club activities. B. Honorary Member: will not pay dues after having been voted an Honorary Member. Article IV. OFFICERS The officers of the Club shall be a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer (the positions of Secretary and Treasurer to be combined, if necessary), who shall be nominated and elected from members in the manner provided in the By-Laws, and shall hold office for two-year terms or until their successors shall be elected and installed. Article V. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE The Executive Committee shall consist of the officers named in Article IV, and Chairperson of any committees deemed necessary. Article VI. BY-LAWS Section 1. The Club may, from time to time, in the manner hereinafter provided, enact any By-Laws deemed necessary for the carrying out of its objects or the transaction of its business. Section 2. A By-Law may be enacted, amended or annulled by a two-thirds vote of the members present at any regular meeting; written notice of the intention to move such alteration of the By-Laws having been given at the previous regular meeting. Section 3. Any By-Law may be temporarily suspended for a special object by a three-fourths vote of the members present at any meeting of the Club, but such suspension shall cease when the object specified shall have been attained, and in any case at the adjournment of the meeting at which the suspension has taken place. Article VII. ALERNATIONS TO THE CONSTITUTION This Constitution may be altered only at the annual meeting, upon motion carried by a three-fourths vote of the member’s present, notice in writing of such motion having been given at the regular meeting of the Club immediately preceding the annual meeting. Article VIII. DISSOLUTION OF THE CLUB In the event that this non-profit organization shall be dissolved, any monies remaining in the Treasury shall be donated to Research for Canine diseases.

B Y – L A W S

1. DUTIES OF OFFICERS Section 1. The President shall preside at all meetings of the Club, and shall have the right to request any other officer or member to preside temporarily for a specified purpose. In the absence of the President, the Vice President shall preside, and in the absence of both President and Vice President, the members present shall appoint a chairman. The President shall be ex-officio a member of all committees. Section 2. The Secretary shall keep a correct record of meetings and of all the business of the Club and Executive. He shall keep an official Roll of members, giving name and address, and date of joining. He shall attend to all printing ordered by the Executive, and purchase such books and stationery as may be required. He shall have custody of the books, papers, records and other property belonging to the Club, and shall allow the use of the same only under the orders of the Executive Committee. He shall deliver up the books, papers and records at any time by order of the Executive Committee. He shall notify each member, at the last known address, of all meetings of the Club, at least three days before the time for which the meeting is called. The Executive members may appoint an Historian, to take position of, and take care of all the clubs old records and other items that the club may own. Section 3. The Treasurer shall keep a book for the purpose of account of all monies of the Club and of all financial dealings there with. He shall deposit all sums in a Savings Bank in an account entered in the name of the Club. He shall present a detailed financial statement at each annual meeting, or oftener if required by the Club. His books shall be held ready for inspection by the Auditors at any time. He shall have all responsibility for paying all bills as received, expenditures having been previously voted on by members at regular meetings. He shall sign, and also require the President or Vice President to countersign, all cheques drawn on account of the Club. The Club shall require 3 executive members to have signing privileges to bank account, two of the three signatures will be required on all cheques . Section 4. Each officer, on the expiration of his official term, shall transfer all property whatsoever of the Club in his possession to his successor, within thirty (30) days of the date of the expiration of his term. 2. DUTIES OF THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE The duties of the Executive Committee shall be to endeavour to further the objects and purposes set forth in the Constitution, and to secure and maintain an efficient organization of the Club. It shall have power to provide for such committees as it may deem advisable, and shall make a full report of its proceedings at each regular meeting of the Club, and a general report at the annual meeting. Five (5) members shall form a quorum. The President of the Club may at any time call a special meeting of the Executive Committee, on giving two (2) days’ notice, and shall do so when requested in writing by three or more members thereof. 3. MEETINGS Section 1. Members will be notified of the regular meeting to be held once 3 months on Saturday or Sunday. Section 2. The first regular meeting in March or April of each year will be the Annual Meeting, and shall be for the purpose of receiving and considering the reports, and electing the officers and members of the Executive Committee for the ensuing two-year terms, when necessary. Section 3. The meeting of the Executive Committee shall be held at the call of the President, and be open to members of the Executive only. Section 4. The President or Executive Committee may at any time call a special general meeting of the Club on giving three (3) days’ notice thereof to each member. 4. ORDER OF BUSINESS Section 1. The order of business at all meetings of the Club and of the Executive shall be as follows: 1. Roll Call of Officer 2. Reading of Minutes 3. Reports of Executive Committee and of Officers 4. Treasurer’s Report 5. Report of other Committees 6. Reading of Correspondence 7. Business arising out of Correspondence 8. Election of Officers (when necessary) 9. Unfinished Business 10. New Business 11. Discussion in Interest and Welfare of Club 12. Adjournment Section 2. All voting on motions shall be by show of hands, and any member may call for a re-count of votes immediately after the result has been announced, provided that the mover shall have the right to demand a secret ballot. Section 3. This Club shall be governed in the conduct of its meetings by regular Parliamentary usage, unless otherwise provided in the Constitution or By-Laws, and it shall be the duty of the Presiding Officer to enforce the Rules of Order. 5. NOMINATIONS AND ELECTION Section 1. Two scrutineers shall be appointed by the Presiding Officers to conduct the elections from among those members who have not been nominated for any office or for the Executive Committee. Section 2. No member absent from the annual general meeting, or regular meeting where an election takes place for any officer, may be nominated unless a written statement signed by the absent member be presented to the Secretary signifying his intention to stand for election. Section 3. Election for any officer shall be conducted by secret ballot. 6. SHOWS Section 1. All Dog Shows and/or Fun Matches held by this Club shall be governed by the Executive Committee. Section 2. The Executive Committee shall, within ninety (90) days after the close of any Show, present to the Club, at a meeting regularly called, a complete statement of all matters, financial and otherwise, relating to the show. Section 3. No person can compete for specials offered by members only, unless each and every individual owner personally becomes a member of this Club. 7. FEES Section 1. The annual membership shall be due on the 1st day of month Joined. Fees as stated in the newsletter may be changed at the annual general meeting by the Executive Committee if deemed necessary. Section 2. No member shall be entitled to the privileges of the Club, as provided in the Constitution unless and until all fees have been paid in full. Membership shall cease at the expiration of two (2) months from the date fees are due unless the fee for the current year has been paid, and no member shall vote at the annual meeting until his fee for the ensuring year has been paid. 8. AUDITORS One (1) or two (2) Auditors shall be appointed by the Executive Committee each year, from knowledgeable people outside the Club. The Auditors shall present a duly certified report of the finances of the Club at the annual meeting, which report shall have been previously presented to the Executive Committee at their meeting next preceding the annual meeting. 9. CHANGE OF ADDRESS It shall be the duty of each member to notify the secretary of any change of address, and notices issued by the Club to the address which appears on the Roll hereinbefore provided for, shall be valid notice. 10. EXPULSION The Executive Committee shall automatically expel from the Club any member, on satisfactory evidence in writing, for improper conduct, or on the ground that such member is not a proper person to be connected with the Club, or has, in the estimate of the Executive Committee, made or attempted to make improper use of his membership. Any member so expelled shall not be entitled to recover any portion of his annual fees, nor shall he have any claim against the Club. Any member so expelled shall be entitled to appeal from the decrees of the Executive Committee to the next general meeting of the Club after he has been officially notified of that decree, and the vote of such appeal shall be by ballot. Any person not in good Standing with the Canadian Kennel Club will be automatically expelled from the White Shepherd Club of Canada.

WSCC Constitution and By-Laws - Established January 1, 1973

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