The   WSCC   hosts   shows   several   times   per   year.   Dates   and   locations   are   published   in   the   Club newsletter.      Shows   are   also listed on this web site under the Activities Section. For   membership   information,   contact   Joanne   Chanyi:   519-847-5206   Joanne   at   Hoofprint   or   click   here   for   a   membership form. Membership includes a newsletter (4X per year). Membership fees: $20 (single) or $25 (family) The   WSCC   is   pleased   to   support   the   White   Shepherd   Genetics   Project,   in   an   effort   to   increase   awareness   of   and   improve upon the genetic health, temperament, and instincts of the White Shepherd.

History of the Club

The   Club   was   first   formed   in   1972   as   a   Chapter   of   the   White   German   Shepherd   Club   of   America.   The   Founding   Members were   Stan   Tulett   President,   Joyce   Tulett   Treasurer,   Bob   Twanow   Vice   President,   Elaine   Twanow   Secretary   and   Newsletter editor. The   first   newsletter   was   published   in   1972   and   the   first   conformation   show   was   held   in   1972   with   8   dogs   entered   and   25 people   in   attendance.   Over   the   years,   the   popularity   and   love   of   the   White   Shepherd   has   continued   to   grow,   and   we   have seen   our   membership   and   attendance   at   the   shows   grow   by   leaps   and   bounds.      At   the   2003   National   Specialty   show,   we had   a   total   of   74   dogs   entered.      We've   certainly   come   a   long   way   since   that   first   show   in   1972.      By   1973   the   Club   was renamed   the   White   Shepherd   Club   of   Canada   with   45   active   members,   and   by   1974   we   began   publishing   4   newsletters   a year,   which   is   a   tradition   which   we   still   carry   on   to   this   day.      There   were   not   many   White   Shepherds   at   this   time,   so   the members   who   were   trying   to   get   attention   for   this   beautiful   breed   first   entered   their   Whites   into   a   Canadian   Kennel   Club "CKC"   fun   match.      After   that   these   few   brave   souls   entered   a   CKC   championship   show,   which   turned   out   to   be   a   Shepherd booster   show,   and   although   they   were   excused   for   being   an   undesirable   colour,   they   did   get   some   attention   and   many   nice comments   on   their   dogs.In   1980,   the   colour   white   was   not   yet   listed   as   a   disqualifying   fault   in   the   CKC.      At   this   time, however,   the   German   Shepherd   Dog   Club   of   Canada   "GSDCC",   tried   unsuccessfully   to   have   the   colour   white   disqualified from   the   show   ring.      In   1987,   the   GSDCC   again   tried   to   have   the   whites   disqualified,   but   to   no   avail.      In   order   to   preserve   the breed   recognition   that   the   White   Shepherd   enjoyed   at   this   time,   and   on   the   advice   of   the   CKC,   in   1989   the   Club's   name   was changed   to   the   White   German   Shepherd   Club   of   Canada.      The   focus   of   the   Club   at   this   time   was   to   have   the   White   German Shepherd   recognized   as   a   separate   colour   variation   of   the   German   Shepherd   Dog,   and   so   the   quest   for   recognition   began.     In   1990,   the   first   of   several   visits   with   the   officers   of   the   CKC   took   place   regarding   disqualification   of   the   colour   white,   and   in early   1992   the   breed   separation   proposal   was   submitted   to   the   CKC.      Further,   in   1992   the   Club   submitted   a   letter   to Agriculture    Canada    for    their    consideration,    as    they    are    the    governing    body    who    actually    sets    down    recognition    and standards   for   new   breeds.      In      August   of      1993   the   Club   started   it's   own   point   system   so   that   there   would   be   some   White German Shepherd Club of Canada champion dogs. In   1993   the   CKC   voted   to   allow   the   White   German   Shepherds   to   be   shown   as   a   colour   variation   of   the   German   Shepherds starting   January   1,   1994,   but   before   that   could   become   a   reality,   it   was   struck   down   due   to   a   technicality.      In   January   1994   we were   advised   by   the   board   of   the   CKC   that   we   should   apply   for   Club   recognition   from   the   CKC.      This   was   done   but   we   were turned   down   in   October   by   that   same   board,   as they   will   only   have   one   National   club   per   breed,   and   the   German   Shepherd Club of Canada was already the recognized club. Since   we   were   once   again   turned   down   by   the   CKC   for   breed   recognition,   this   time   we   were   told   that   our   best   move   would be   to   apply   for   new   breed   status,   so   this   required   us   to   change   the   name   of   the   Club   back   to   White   Shepherd   Club   Canada in   January   of   1995.      We   went   to   work   on   making   up   a   new   standard   for   the   White   Shepherds.      At   this   time   we   also   began holding   shows   twice   a   year,   over   the   long   weekend   in   May,   and   our   National   show   was   held   over   the   long   weekend   in August. In   1998   the   colour   white   was   officially   disqualified   from   the   German   Shepherd   Standard,   but   still   we   soldier   on,   and   will continue to work towards the separate breed recognition that we feel our dogs so justly deserve.    

The Club

White Shepherd Club of Canada
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The Founding Members Pictured with their dogs in 1972
The First Show Held in 1972
WSCC Show grounds 1989